Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bloomsday Training-ish Week 4


Tuesday: Swim 1,100 yards

Thursday: Swim 1,400 yards + easy run 2.0 miles (12:51 pace)

First run after several days off to let that ankle twinge rest, and it seemed to have mostly done the trick!

Friday: Bike 4.0 miles (10.5 mph) + easy-ish run 2.5 miles (12:40 pace)

Sunday: Bloomsday 12k - 1:28:08 (11:48 pace), for a 6.5 minute PR!

My ankle held up perfectly fine through the race, but wasn't too happy later in the day. Not sure if this is something I need to be taking more seriously or not.

Total swimming: 2,500 yards
Total biking: 4.0 miles
Total running: 11.96 miles

You'd think that with working about half the hours that I was during tax season (30 - 35, versus 55 - 60), it'd be super easy to exercise in all the spare time. However, during tax season I go out of my way to not have any outside commitments that can be at all avoided; so though I might only have a couple hours from arriving home from work to going to bed, I can do anything I want in those two hours. 

Now, though, there are so many other things going on. Monday is now back to movie night with Abe ($1 Mondays at a second-run theater - last week we saw American Sniper, and this week The Imitation Game - both were really good (but I'm sure everyone else in the world has already seen them both)), so those are going to be rest days until I figure out how to stop hitting snooze and do something in the morning. And then this week we went to a dress rehearsal showing of Show Boat at the Portland Opera (really good!) on Wednesday evening, so that also eliminated my spare time for the day (and again, hit snooze in the morning), and didn't do the run I was planning to do.


  1. Congrats on the awesome PR!! Hopefully you can find something to help the ankle recovery. Are you wearing compression after runs? It does help me with minor things.
    I try to plan as little as possible week is so easy to get derailed from exercising. I try to make I get four sessions in a week no matter what.

    1. I do have some compression socks; I rarely o think twear them, just not a sock/shoe person, I enjoy being barefoot around the house. But probably worth trying with this going on!


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