Sunday, January 11, 2015

PRC 5k Training Week 2 & Fight for Air Training Week 6 & NROLFW Phase 1 Week 5


Monday am: Easy run 1.7 miles (13:27 pace)

Short little run, just to work on building a habit of exercising in the morning. Running doesn't feel as easy so early, but it's still enjoyable to get out in the fresh air.

Monday pm: Easy run 2.5 miles (13:34 pace)

Had swimming on the schedule but we're having some weird weather, clear and in the 50s, so I had to take  advantage of it with a run.

Tuesday pm: Bike trainer 15 minutes (est. 3.75 miles) + NROLFW phase 1 workout A

Wednesday am: Easy run 2.5 miles (13:45 pace)

Felt way more sluggish than I did on Monday morning, but got it done! It helped that I had this pretty new shirt from Costco ($13.99! for a sweet wool-blend cozy running shirt) to wear for the first time as motivation. 

I also am almost 30 and just got a Costco card for the first time. I've gone there with family/friends who had cards, but never figured it'd be worth it to have a membership on my own. Abe has one, and we just now got around to going together so he could add me to his account.

Wednesday pm: Track run 3.1 miles (12:21 overall pace)

Goal: 1-ish warm-up, 2 x 0.5 @ 9:30 with 0.25 recovery in between, 1-ish cool-down
0.85 warm-up: 13:30
2 x 0.5: 9:22, 9:24
0.25 recovery: 15:06
1.0 cool-down: 13:39

Thursday pm: Swim 1,200 yards

Friday am: Bike trainer 10 minutes (est. 2.3 miles) + NROLFW phase 1 workout B

Friday pm: Tempo run 3.0 miles (11:25 pace)

I started out planning to keep a slightly-uncomfortably-brisk pace, just for fun, but once I realized the second mile would be faster than the first, I obviously had no choice but to make it a progression run.

Mile 1: 12:04
Mile 2: 11:35
Mile 3: 10:35

Saturday am: Yoga class (75 minutes)
Saturday pm: Bike trainer 40 minutes (est. 9.35 miles)

Sunday: "Long" run 4.1 miles (13:38 pace)

Total swimming: 1,200 yards
Total biking: 15.40 miles
Total running: 16.9 miles

I started this week firmly in busy season mode, ready to get up early and not expecting to have a life, but my hours haven't quite ramped up all the way, so I had an excess of time and energy to do a lot of exercising this week! (Still totally failing on the stairs though...)


  1. Whoo! Way to go on that Friday progression run! Very nice track workout on Wednesday too!


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