Wednesday, January 21, 2015

PMT Style Challenge: Wear a Bright Color

I know it's only a couple weeks, but I'm really enjoying the prompts and incentive to do more with my work attire. I even took some time Sunday night to plan out outfits for the whole week, so I could be a little creative without it being stressful each morning as I'm rushing out the door.

This week's challenge: wear a bright color. Um, beyond my fluorescent running clothes, I truly don't own anything "bright". All of my work clothes (and most of my casual clothes) are jewel tones (plus black and gray). As such I modified this challenge to wear "bold" color, especially in a way that puts it front and center (i.e., not hidden under a black blazer or cardigan). I ended up doing a couple outfits this week along those line:

Dress outfit: I bought this dress for Christmas - it was on sale, comfy, and fit perfectly. For Christmas, I wore it without a jacket or sweater (it's sleeveless, but we were indoors for all celebrations) and a thin belt on the waistline (it really does need something to break up the expanse of burgundy). I was hoping to get use out of it for work, too, which I thought would work well since it is definitely work-appropriate with its higher neckline and longer hem. However, it's such a "bright" color (in my world), I felt self-conscious wearing it - especially when I knew I'd add something else to the top, making it essentially a bold colored skirt, drawing attention to the area that I usually hide in plain black slacks.

I don't completely love this outfit (I think partly because the hemline actually feels too long, at least if I don't wear heels with it, I might shorten it by an inch or so), but I did get a couple compliments! It's ridiculous comfortable too, as both the dress and blazer are knits.

Dress, blazer, and tights from Target. Boots from Fred Meyer. Necklace from Etsy.

Pants outfit: I planned out this top with a skirt and heeled boots for today, but when I realized today was the last of the week without rain so I could wear flats (without my feet getting wet), I switched it to slacks.

I would normally wear this green shirt as an undershirt, not the prominent piece - under a more neutral blazer or cardigan. I also don't think I've ever worn a collared shirt underneath something other than a v-neck sweater, so utilizing the scoop-neck tee as a topper in that way was also branching out in a fun way.

Top from H&M. Collared sleeveless shirt from Goodwill (originally JC Penney). Slacks from Target. Shoes from Payless. Necklace from Etsy.

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