Thursday, December 11, 2014

Three Things Thursday: A Few Years Behind

It takes me a while to jump on bandwagons sometimes. Sometimes because I haven't heard of it, sometimes because I'm just scared of doing the trend wrong.

1. Leggings. This is the first winter where I've explored the wondrous comfort of leggings with a dress. It's workplace appropriate but basically feels like pajamas! I'm really hating myself for not joining in on this earlier. So much loungewear-in-the-workplace that I've missed out on. :( 

2. The TV show Commander in Chief. Airing for only one season in 05-06 before being cancelled, it's about a female, independent (as in, no political party affiliation, though she's "independent" in the more common sense, too) president who gains office when the president for whom she's VP dies. The whole series is currently available on Hulu; I just started watching it a couple weeks ago and it's really interesting! There's some family/teen drama mixed in which maybe isn't entirely necessary (but adds some lightheartedness that maybe is good to contrast the missing warheads and such), but overly it's a very intriguing political drama, based on a dream political situation.

3. NROLFW - New Rules of Lifting for Women. As with many, if not virtually all, of the runners I know in real life or on the internet, strength training is not my strong suit (heh! no pun intended). I've tried a few variations - DVDs by Donna Richardson (popular-ish in the 90s, I think) (circuit training), Kemme Fitness (functional fitness), DVDs by Jillian Michaels. Hard for me to stick to any one plan long enough to see real progress, though. It's just not as much fun as running, and so hard to motivate myself to fit it in the schedule.

I've done a couple workouts and read a few chapters of the background and advice so far. I really like the attitude - yes, it's a book for women written by a man, but he has a very no-nonsense, don't let them tell you to do something stupid just because you're a woman approach that I really like. 

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