Thursday, October 30, 2014

Three Things Thursday: Fun Things I Found On the Internet Lately

1. This equational limerick. 

I actually found it from this post by Leah on Good Night Cheese; it wasn't the point of the post (though it was a good read otherwise), but it was the aspect that stuck! It's not the only math limerick, here are a few more. 

2. This Washington state map corn maze, that I found via this post by Mellzah. There are some things I don't like to put in type on here to avoid being googleable in certain ways, but I will say that I find it awesome that my hometown is one of the starting "cities" - the southernmost one. 

3. This video of tattooing in slow motion. 

I haven't decided yet if this makes the tattoo I want to get more or less scary - but I think less scary! I'm seriously considering getting it done sometime this winter, before triathlon season starts back up (since I'm pretty sure you have to stay out of the pool for at least a couple weeks after). I'm pretty sure that my current idea is what I want, and will be ok with for the rest of my life, but not 100% yet.

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