Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sport-Specific Clothing

Before this summer, my physical activities consisted mostly of running, with some occasional yoga and strength training (circuit training type stuff, not max out lifting type stuff) mixed in. For the most part, I wore the same clothes for any of these, though I did tend to save any bottoms with zippered key pockets for running, and use the less technical fabrics for yoga (not that it's necessary, I just feel like the vibe of yoga works better in softer, more cotton-y feeling fabrics). 

Then this summer I added biking and swimming. Swimming, of course, requires some specific apparel and gear, but for the most part that just lives in my gym bag. Biking could be done in generic workout clothes, but especially as you increase the distance, padded bike shorts or tri shorts become fairly necessary, and if I were able to eat while moving (which I can't), the bike jerseys with pockets that I bought would also be quite useful.

One perhaps odd thing I'm proud of is having a condensed wardrobe, with just enough items that I need, and use all of it, and keeping in contained in as few drawers as possible. At the moment I only use one drawer for underwear, etc., and one drawer for workout clothes.

But, tonight I'm starting ballet classes, and though I was able to pull together one suitable outfit from my yoga items, I expect to buy a few more things if I continue dancing again (I'll have to see what other students wear and if the teacher has any specific requirements beyond what's on the website, but I expect these to be similar to yoga wear, but tighter fitting). And I don't have a place for them! 

(If it seems like I'm a bit manically trying out new hobbies lately, I am. In large part because we now have a timeframe set for starting to have kids, so I'm trying to fit in all the things now that I can before I have different priorities on which to spend my time and money, and for the physical hobbies before I have to take a break from intense goals during pregnancy.)

Here's what's taking up all the space in my workout clothing drawer right now:

Back row:

  • Long sleeve shirts - primarily for running during the winter. I get warm very quickly while exercising, so I can't imagine when I would wear long-sleeves for anything indoors.
  • Non-running bottoms - i.e., those without zippered key pockets, for yoga and strength training.
  • Running bottoms.
  • Bike bottoms.
Front row: 
  • Tank tops x 2.
  • Short-sleeve tees x 2.
  • Bike jerseys.
(Sports bras live in the generic underwear drawer.)

Despite the preference I stated for technical versus softer fabrics for certain activities, I actually have those mixed together, which means I tend to be digging around for exactly what I'm looking for. Which then means remaining items get flounced around and often unfold. So now, the dilemma is whether I should expand to another drawer, or simply figure out a better organizational system. First world problems, I know.

How you do organize your workout gear, especially if you participate in multiple types of sports? Am I weird for overthinking this, and/or for having specific preferences on what to wear for different workouts?

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