Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Week of Non-Multiple-of-0.05 Running


Monday: Run 2.75 miles (12:45 pace)

Wednesday: Run 2.15 miles (12:49 pace)

Thursday: Bike trainer 20 minutes (est. 5.35 miles)

Friday: Played 12 holes of disc golf (about 75 minutes)

Sunday: Bloomsday 12k run (13:14 pace)

Total biking: 5.35 miles
Total running: 12.36 miles

Flew up to Spokane on Saturday, met by my mom. Ran Bloomsday Sunday morning - a few minutes slower than last year, but perfect weather - cool and breezy with none of the threatened rain. Then we drove back to my parents' town just in time for the community band concert my dad is in (he got back into playing the saxophone a few years ago when he retired). I took a long weekend with Monday off, so I could spend a little more time with them, including an early Mother's Day dinner and accompanying my dad on his Meals and Wheels route, and then flew back home late last night. Lovely little trip. :)

And now I need to do a run this week that ends at 0.04 or 0.09 to even out my YTD mileage.

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