Friday, November 1, 2013

But Not a Real Green Dress, That's Cruel

NaBloPoMo prompt: If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it all by nightfall, what would you do with the money?

  • Buy a Prius [$20,000]
  • Buy a house - moderately sized, 3 bed/2 bath [$300,000]
  • Buy new furniture for that house [$10,000]
  • Buy some gadgets - a new computer for Abe, maybe a new one for myself (when my current one dies I want one of the tablet hybrids - but those will be outdated by then), camera, e-reader, etc. [$10,000]
  • Buy a multi-sport Garmin each for me and Abe [$500 x 2]
  • Buy a nice triathlon bike each for me and Abe [$5,000 x 2]
  • Buy kayaks for me and Abe [$500 x 2]
  • Book a month-long vacation in Europe [$10,000]
  • Book a wedding [$15,000]
  • Pay off my student loans [$14,000]
  • Buy a house for my sister (she lives in a cheaper COL area than me) [$200,000]
  • Donate to the Cat Adoption Team (where I adopted Imogene from) [$409,000]

This was actually harder than I thought to even come up with items (I made the assumption that investing wasn't an allowed method of "spending" the money), and this includes higher costs than I would budget than if I were actually spending my own money. I.e., I think I would cap my spending on furniture for a house around $5,000, or for a wedding at $10,000. And some of those might still look low by some standards - but I honestly can't imagine spending more than $15,000 or $20,000 at the absolute max on a wedding, even if I had the funds available.

If it were a question of having a significantly large amount of annual income, I would certainly put more money into things that are a recurring cost (like a yearly vacation) or have a faster turnover (my wardrobe). But I don't like stockpiling things, so I wouldn't be interested in spending a one-shot spending spree for things like clothes.

If I could only buy one thing, I would probably buy a house, since that would have the biggest future impact of reducing a constant living expense. 

How many blog posts from this NaBloPoMo prompt do you think will reference the Barenaked Ladies?

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