Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Reverse Taper

Monday afternoon I got home from work, stepped out of my car, and felt the crisp, not-overly-chilly fall weather - and so wanted to go for a run! Then felt the tightness in my left leg, the stiffness of my calf muscles, and the general fatigue all over, and knew that would be a dumb idea.

Instead, I did some foam rolling and took advantage of the opportunity to justify sitting on the couch eating ice cream for basically the entire evening. It was lovely. :)

Although for the first 24 hours after the race, I was mostly just thinking that I was so stupid for having done it, now I'm itching to get started on my next goal. Given the general stress I'm sure this put on my body, plus the specific issues I can feel (tight calf muscles, something on the outside of my left leg, and a little twinge in my left ankle), I know I should ease back into it.

I'm planning to follow a 3-week reverse taper - here's the plan I came up with:

I ended up doing two miles on Tuesday - mostly kept it slow, but it did feel good. I made sure to thoroughly stretch afterward. In addition to the increase in mileage, I'll try to gradually increase my pace - 13:00s this week, 12:00s next week, and throw in some 11:00s the third week. After that I'll resume some speedwork down into the 10:00s.  

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