Monday, March 18, 2013

Hippie Chick Half 2013 Training Plan

Time to start training for my fourth half marathon! 

I've been musing lately on how far I've come when it comes to running, as I've been doing a lot of my runs around my office (and heading back to work after) instead of at home. When I started running a few years ago, it was with a couple coworkers, and we'd also head out from the office (which was at a building about half a mile away from where our office currently is). So it's easy to compare the routes we were doing then with what I'm doing now - and I can't believe how long and hard they seemed then (that's what she said) to how it feels now when I'm running farther and not taking any walking breaks.


A goal: 2:35 - 11:49 pace
B goal: 2:45 - 12:35 pace
C goal: 2:52 (beat current PR) - 13:07 pace

What will it take to set a new PR? Realistically, I think I just need to get in more long runs. In my last two halfs (I didn't have my garmin for the first one), my mile splits didn't really go down the drain until about mile 10, when I usually start walking about half the time. 10 miles - that's when I start exceeding the distance of my longest training runs. What a coincidence. If I were used to running the full 13 miles and kept up my running pace for the whole thing, I could easily shave 5 minutes off my finish time.

The Plan:

I worked 63 hours last week, and anticipate somewhere in the neighborhood of 65+ hours a week for the rest of tax season (the next four weeks - i.e., half of my 8-week plan). So trying to run for 4 or 5 hours each week in addition to that shouldn't be a problem, not at all! 

I really enjoy the vibe of the Hippie Chick race, and want to keep doing it each year - besides the nostalgia of it being my first half, it's not overly crowded (about 3,000 people, I think), it's not in downtown Portland (equals not dealing with awful traffic and parking), the shirts are cute (even though I thought the bright yellow of last year's shirt was hideous), and the finishers' medals are a darling necklace. But I wish it wasn't in May. It's hard to train for anything during tax season.

I'm not planning out every specific workout - what I can manage to fit in on a given day depends too much on factors that aren't foreseeable until the week of (work, weather - i.e. rain, coordinating time to spend with Abe). 


For the rest of tax season, my goal is to fit in one yoga workout (via DVD) and one strength-training workout each week. After April 15, I want to do at least one yoga workout (actually going to classes) and at least two strength-training workouts, probably getting back into doing Kemme workouts.

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