Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What My Husband Thinks of My Running

Earlier in the summer I saw several people doing this running Q&A with a family member (SUAR, T-Rex Runner). I suppose it probably ends up being more entertaining when done with kids, but since Imogene and Hera refused to give me any intelligible answers, I turned instead to Abe to see what he thought.

(Italics are my commentary.)

1. What do I eat before a run? 

 Not always the same thing. You like bread, and often put peanut butter or cheese on it. 

I very rarely eat cheese before a running (definitely into it after, though). Toast with peanut butter is very common before my weekend long runs. During the week I usually don't eat anything in the short-term before running, since it's in the evening.

 2. How far is my typical run? 

Depends on what your training tells you to do. Maybe 3 miles?

Yeah, if I'm not following a training plan (or just filling in easy miles), 2.5 - 3 (30 - 40 minutes at easy pace) is what usually sounds good.

3. What kind of running shoes do I wear? 

Minimalist running shoes. I think you've owned many pairs of Merrells. 

True. Last pair purchased was replacing a specific model of Merrell that I've been using for majority of non-long runs lately. Also have Altra and Vivo Barefoot.

4. What/how many times a week do I do non-running workouts?

You swim maybe 2 times a week, and bike 2 times a week (or maybe 3?)

I think I do strength training more often over the course of a year than swimming, but both vary by season, time availability, etc. Plus biking occasionally at the moment since I'm allegedly training for a triathlon.

5. What is my favorite race?

You like Bloomsday, and the First Run. At least, you've done those a lot.

I'm not sure if I have a favorite per se, but I do like those. And FT Flat half marathon. I think I've done all three of these at least three times.

6. Why do you think I run?

Helps you manage stress, stay in shape, it's good to have a hobby, and a sense of purpose/achievement.

7. What injuries have I had from running?

You've mostly had some ankle injuries and calf tightness, but not so much recently.

8. Do you like going to my races?

It's OK. Some people get really into cheering for runners. I don't get those people.

9. Does my running make you want to run?

Maybe a little? But I've always wanted to keep up racing to some extent as an adult. You help motivate me to follow through with it.

10. What have you learned from having a wife who runs?

The body might process carbs more quickly immediately following a workout. Bloomsday is an interesting and worthwhile experience to have once in ones life.

I showed him SF Road Warrior's series about nutrition to justify my eating ice cream right after a run. 


  1. This is a great idea! I might have to steal it (once I get around to finishing my 2-3 other entries lol)

    1. Only 2 - 3 entries started? I wish my drafts list was only that long!

  2. What a fun post idea! Your husband is so honest. "Do you like going to my races?" "It's ok."

    I'm sure Adam feels the same but in my mind he thinks cheering me on at races is a lot of fun and he's constantly counting down the days until the next time he can do it!

    1. Had fun reading your version of it today, too!


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