Toastmasters is an international organization to develop leadership and communication skills. Local clubs meet (usually weekly), with a specific format that includes prepared speeches, impromptu answers, and evaluations of progress. I joined a club in June 2014, both for professional and personal development, seeking to be more comfortable presenting, discussing, and evaluating. It's a continual process, of course, but I feel like I've already grown a ridiculous amount. 

Competent Communicator (achieved September 2015)
1. Ice Breaker
2. Organize Your Speech: Becoming an Unlikely Runner
3. Get to the Point: A Gift From Canada
4. How to Say It: Goal - Don't Die
5. Your Body Speaks: Strong is the New Healthy
6. Vocal Variety: Can't Buy Me Love
7. Research Your Topic: Tangible Property Regulations (didn't post here - trust me, it's not an interesting topic. I did this speech to practice a presentation I was doing for work)
8. Get Comfortable with Visual Aids: Disc Golf: It's In the Air
9. Persuade with Power: Meatless Monday
10. Inspire Your Audience: The Mother of All Relays

Advanced Communicator Bronze

Speaking to Inform
1. The Speech to Inform: The Road to 26.2
2. Resources for Informing: Pokemon What?
3. The Demonstration: Minimize Your Shoes to Maximize Your Health
4. A Fact Finding Report
5. The Abstract Concept

Speeches by Management
1. The Briefing: 2015 Tax Extender Bill (not interesting enough to post here)
2. Appraise with Praise
3. Persuade and Inspire 
4. Communicating Change
5. Delivering Bad News: Everybody's Favorite Vegetable

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