Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Oct 1 - 7: RLRF Half Training Week 11/16 (Race Week!)

No weights or "workout" runs because it was race week! I stuck in this half marathon (largely to show support for a local running company who got the bid to take over when the Portland Marathon went under after legal issues) after setting up my fall around the Rock'n'Roll half marathon later on in November. 


Monday: Stroller run 1.3 miles (14:39 pace, 64*, late afternoon, 162 spm)

Tuesday: Tap dance class (60 min)

Wednesday: Restorative yoga (10 min)

Saturday: Run 2.4 (the last 0.55 with stroller) (13:41 pace, 55*, mid morning, 164 spm)

Sunday: Portlandthon Half Marathon - 2:51:21

Not quite the time I was aiming for, but relatively consistent and strong, without blowing up or getting miserable. For where I'm at, I'll call that a win. It was fun! 

Total running: 16.8 miles
Average daily steps: 14,258
Weight: +28 (no change)

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