Monday, July 2, 2018

Week of June 25 - July 1: RLRF 5k Training Week 8/10

The summer term for parks & rec started this week, so back to two dance classes - I really love both but it can be tough to balance my other things around those. Pretty happy with >15 miles of running for the week, though!


Monday: Cargo bike 1.2 miles + speedwork run 5.25 miles (12:29 pace, 64* and dusk, late evening, 172 spm)

Run goal: wu, 2 @ 11:17, 1 easy, 2 @ 11:17, cooldown
Actual: 0.1 warm up, 11:14, 11:09, 15:46, 11:58, 11:23, 0.15 cool down

Tuesday: Tap class (60 min)

Wednesday: Bike 1.2 miles + ballet class (90 min) + core (5 min)

Thursday: Restorative yoga (20 min)

Friday am: Swim 600 yards
Friday pm: Fartlek run 4.05 miles (13:02 pace, 70*, late evening, 172 spm) + core (5 min)

The scheduled runs are getting long! And I was just not up to doing a lot, but figured any run is better than nothing, and some speed (fartlek) is better than none.

Saturday: Bike 3.0 miles

Part of the biking was to the park, where there was supposed to be a zumba class, but the instructor didn't show up! 

Sunday: Long run 6.2 miles (13:23 pace, 66*, mid morning, 176 spm) + Nike app strength (15 min)

I've been departing from my running plan (ok, in more ways than this) by not worrying about pace on my long runs - I know my endurance is lacking relative to my speed, and I'll work on that as I move into half marathon training after this 5k training cycle. However, I felt good as I neared the end of this run, so on the last full mile (which also started off downhill - that helped too!), I decided to go for a fast finish, and was able to manage what should have (per the plan) been my pace for the full run - 11:47. Good progress towards being able to keep up a faster pace for an entire long run. 

Total swimming: 600 yards
Total biking: 5.4 miles
Total running: 15.5 miles

Average daily steps: 13,955
Weight: +32 (no change)

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