Monday, July 9, 2018

Week of July 2 - 8: RLRF 5k Training Week 9/10

I really feel like I'm seeing progress with my running - on both the speedwork and a fast finish on the long run, I nailed the paces, and just in time for the race! One more week...


Monday: Stroller run 2.8 miles (14:04 pace, 70* and surprisingly breezy, late afternoon, 170 spm)

Run was to pick up some baking pans I got from my Buy Nothing group. Besides the whole re-using thing, and getting things for free thing, what's awesome is that they set up the groups to be "hyper local", so it's convenient to coordinate with folks (and it's your neighbors that you're interacting with). 

Tuesday: Tap class (60 min) + Nike app strength (15 min)

Wednesday: Bike 5.0 miles + ballet barre video (35 min) + core (5 min)

ThursdayRestorative yoga (30 min)

Friday: Swim 700 yards + family hike 1 mile + speedwork run 4.65 miles (13:17 pace, 75* and high noon, 164 spm) 

Run goal: wu, 3 x 1 miles @ < 11:00 with 0.25 recoveries, cd
Actual: 0.5 warm up, 10:43, 0.25 walk, 10:33, 0.25 walk, 10:48, 0.65 cool down

I got out for the run much later in the morning than would have been ideal, so to cope with the heat I stuck to a walk instead of jog for the recovery intervals. But I'm pretty impressed with myself for keeping up the pace on the running nonetheless!

Saturday am: Bike 3 miles + park Zumba class (40 min)
Saturday pm: Bike 2 miles + yoga (20 min)

Sunday: Long run 5.0 miles (13:00 avg pace, 73* and sunny, late morning, 176 spm)

Run goal: 5 miles with a fast finish - last two <12:00
Actual: 13:47, 14:17, 13:52, 11:43, 11:22

As I've mentioned, keeping up the combined speed and endurance on long runs (per the RLRF plan) has been challenging! So challenging I basically gave up on it and just doing the mileage at whatever pace. But as a sort of working towards that idea, I've been adding on fast finishes - did just one mile last week, but the last two miles this week! I was even just under 11:00 for the first half of the last mile but couldn't keep it up the rest of the way.

Total swimming: 700 yards
Total biking: 10.00 miles
Total running: 12.45 miles

Average daily steps: 15,286
Weight: +32 (no change)

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