Friday, July 13, 2018

Plastic-Free Must Haves

Continuing today to discuss #PlasticFreeJuly! Today I have some of the critical reusable alternatives I have on hand to be able to avoid using single-use plastic items. 

I do want to caution to not get caught up in the commercialism of zero-waste! When you're getting into it and excited about the alternatives, it can be easy to go out and buy a bunch of reusable containers and bags and straws. But think first - do you really need it? Do you need a reusable straw or can you just go without? Do you need reusable snack bags, or can you use up (while washing and re-using multiple times!) the ziplocs you already have? But once you need replacements or more, by all means please go buy the durable instead of disposable!

Stuffable grocery bag - I have a bunch of Chico Bags, but there are tons of options like this - the key is one that packs up nice and small so you can always carry it with you! We also have regular grocery bags to take for big shopping trips, but I have the Chico bags stashed all over the place - one's always in my purse, in each car, in the stroller. 

Lined snack bag - These are lined with a plastic-y fabric so they're somewhat water resistant (you could pack a PB&J for sure), but you can throw them in the wash. Great for taking lunch components or snacks. 

Glass straw - You could toss this in your purse to use at restaurants, but primarily I use these for smoothies at home. I would not drink smoothies as often as I do without a straw!

Collapsible food storage - This is also always in my purse! It's from Tupperware but you can also find lots of similar things. It's flat in my purse, then expands to be a doggy bag. No more clamshells or styrofoam. 

Glass water bottle - I'm sure everyone has their favorite water bottle at this point! We have too many, for sure, but my favorite is this little 12 oz one that can fit in my purse (my purse isn't even huge, I swear) to take with me for errands or whatever. 

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  1. A glass that's pure genius! I have plastic straws I use at work, and I re-use them until they practically fall apart (or get too grimy & yucky).

  2. I have stainless steel straws & some that are dishwasher safe, too. Use them all the time. I also use the plastic lined snack bags a LOT, but I recently saw some silicone ones I'm really interested in too!

  3. I have never seen a glass straw! I have a lot of paper straws as I use them for my kids' birthday parties (love the different colours they come in) but that glass straw is something I need to look for!


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