Friday, July 6, 2018

My (Mostly) Plastic-Free Shower

I'm working to get single-use plastic out of my life with the Plastic Free July challenge, so I'm planning some Friday Five posts to share some ideas and tips for that! This used to be a really big focus for me; I've gotten somewhat away from it in more recent years. Some zero waste habits have stuck easily (cloth napkins and kitchen towels instead of paper); others are harder (lunch takeout on work days). 

Today, I'm sharing the shower products I use that are (almost) plastic free! In full disclosure, there are a couple plastic bottles in the shower besides these (plus a ton of plastic toys, because toddler), but those are used only occasionally, while the below are all of my every day use items. 

Shampoo -  This is a solid shampoo from Basin. When ordering online, it comes in a pack of 4 in a cardboard tube - with plastic end caps and one plastic bag inside. Not 100% plastic free, but much less than a plastic bottle, and I think these packaging items lend themselves much more to re-purposing! I've also in the past used solid shampoo from Lush, and you can find similar products on Etsy or at farmers markets. I plan to stock up with less packaging at the Basin White store when I'm in Las Vegas in the fall.

Conditioner - This is as solid conditioner, also from Basin. I've also previously tried a conditioner from Lush, but wasn't a fan of that for usability reasons. I think even the Basin one has a little bit of a learning curve (more than the shampoo), but now I think it's fairly easy and works well. I do have a "normal" conditioner in a bottle, but use it more like a deep conditioner, only about once a week. I wouldn't say I care a ton about keeping my hair great condition (and granted I very rarely subject it to any heat styling), but I've found this to be quite sufficient for daily conditioning.

Face soap - After many years of experimenting with skincare products, it turns out that tea tree oil is the key to keeping my oily, acne-prone skin in check. So for my face I use a bar soap with tea tree oil, which comes packaged in paper. 

Body soap - The rest of my skin, fortunately, is not so picky! For a more general body wash, we just pick up any soap with no or minimal packaging. Currently we can get bulk soap with absolutely zero packaging at Natural Grocers. 

Razor - This is an all-metal safety razor. I bought it on eBay several years ago, and it came with what is looking to be a lifetime supply of blades! The blades are wrapped in paper and then packed in a cardboard box. The blades are also, of course, very small, so even ignoring paper versus plastic, so much less waste (product and packaging!) compared to the huge blade cartridges or disposable razors. 

I've seen mention of people finding these harder to use then conventional razors; it does require a slightly different pressure, but I didn't find it difficult to figure out. I don't use any shaving cream or similar products - I never did even when I used conventional razors, I just leave it for the very end of a shower so everything's been softened by the heat and water. 

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  1. I'd be scared I would cut myself with that razor. I am so clumsy when it comes to shaving.

  2. I have had a hard time finding skincare that works for my face...I have extremely dry and sensitive skin. I usually have to go with cream-based products (which almost always come in plastic containers) because solid bars are too drying for me. Ugh. I am a recycle guru, though, and am constantly picking stuff out of the garbage at work that should be in a recycle bin. Yes, I am THAT person LOL


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