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2018 Goals: January - April

Instead of quarterly or the normal weather seasons, my life runs in three seasons that are roughly four months each (tax season is January through April, summer is May (really, I start saying it's "summer" on April 16th) through Labor day, and fall is Labor day through year-end). These seasons and the corresponding fluctuating work load drastically impact my available free time, so it's how I track and consider accomplishments of goals!

The beginning of the year is tax season, so it's not exactly conducive to achieving much of anything outside of work. So here goes... next to nothing. 

For reference on numbers compared to goals, through 4/30 is 32.88% of the year elapsed. 

Workout goals

Running: 750 miles

January: 28.75
February: 25.15
March: 27.20
April: 33.25

YTD: 114.35 - 15.25% 

After off-and-on struggles throughout the first year postpartum, in mid-November I finally got a pessary to cope with pelvic floor issues while running. So by the beginning of 2018, I was really mere weeks into re-building post-baby running. 

From there, not much to it but slow (literally and figuratively!) and steady! I didn't do any actual training plan but incorporated some tempo and speedwork, along with building long-ish runs to train for the Shamrock 5k in March, as well as for Hood to Coast Pacific City (one-day, two-leg relay) which was in early May.

I set a new then-best post-partum mile at the end of January of 10:56. Looking at my data, I didn't realize that my paces overall were actually notably slower than they are currently - I still feel slow, but I have made progress! 

Swimming: 30,000 yards

January: 1,850 
February: 1,750 
March: 0
April: 0

YTD: 3,600 - 12.00% 

Swimming, more than any other activity that I do, hinges on coordinating my schedule with the available lap swim times, so it (along with weights, for other reasons) is one of the first things dropped when life gets busy. Started to go consistently early in the year, then let it slide in the second half of tax season. 

During tax season I happened to come across mention on the parks & rec website of a masters swim club that meets at one of their facilities. (First question: I'm used to "masters" being used in sports (like running or disc golf) to refer to a specific age bracket (e.g., 40+ or 50+). Why does it refer to general adults for swimming?) I seriously considered starting it post-tax season, with plans to do a tri later this year. I've now decided to not do a tri this year (just working on building all the disciplines!) but leaning heavily towards a tri in 2019 and doing this swim club next year as well! The pricing for it (per month, regardless of how many times you go) means I'd feel the need to really commit to it if I do it.

Biking: 500 miles

January: 5.95
February: 10.25
March: 0
April: 0

YTD: 16.20 - 3.24%

These miles were all on the trainer. Through this point, I still had not ridden on the road since before getting pregnant with N. (My biking skills - or rather, lack thereof - are such that I didn't feel comfortable biking during pregnancy. I felt that both the risk of falling, and the lack of ability to fall "properly" in a way to mitigate injury, were much too high.) 

A side effect of not riding outdoors for nearly two years also meant I now wasn't comfortable with the shape of my bike, so after tax season I took it in for maintenance and got back on the actual road! But for trainer-only rides during tax season, it also was not super appealing after a long day of work. 

Steps: average > 9,000 steps/day: 

January: Yes - 11,674
February: Yes - 11,094
March: Yes - 10,016
April: Yes - 12,409

Steps: get >10,000 on 60% of days: 

January: Yes - 100%
February: Yes - 96%
March: Yes - 68%
April: Yes - 80% 

Our health insurance company gives monetary incentive (reimbursing normally out-of-pocket expenses) for meeting certain steps goals, so this wasn't too hard! I also definitely found that getting up from my desk to walk around the block or up the staircase was helpful to re-focus on work. 

Weight lifting: 100 workouts

January: 6 
February: 4
March: 0
April: 4

YTD: 14 - 14.00%

At the start of the year I downloaded a Jillian Michaels app for strength workouts. It costs $10/month for full functionality, but I've always liked her workout videos. It was a decent app, but I wasn't sticking with it enough to be worth paying. Mid April, I tried out the Nike Training app, which I'd heard some good things about, and I'm really liking that now! It's totally free! (I guess it's implicit advertising for Nike?) and has both weeks-long programs or standalone workouts.

And just for fun a couple other stats:

Yoga sessions: 43! This is mostly the yoga streak I did for the last 30 days of tax season. Much of the time it was only 10 minutes, but it was consistent! 

Dance classes: 14 

Lifestyle goals

Reading: 36 books

January: 1
February: 1
March: 0
April: 2

YTD: 4 - 11.11%

The books read were: 

The Sleepeasy Solution
The RBG Workout
How to Stop Time
Run Less, Run Faster

Primarily reading for function, rather than leisure, for this time of year! How to Stop Time was for the first meeting of a book club I joined - someone posted on NextDoor about starting a local women's book club, and it's been really fun! A lot of people expressed initial interest, while only about a dozen or so have been attending, but it's a great group and getting me reading things I might not otherwise pick up! I really liked this book though I hadn't heard of the book or author previously.

Was also working on Hamilton and Astonish Me (but hadn't finished those yet). 

Volunteering: 8 times (1/month outside of tax season)

January: 0
February: 0
March: 0
April: 0

YTD: 0

Yeah... I wasn't planning to prioritize this during tax season, but it is something I, in theory at least, really want to do! And yet somehow tend not to get done. 

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