Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Week of June 4 - 10: RLRF 5k Training Week 5/10

I'm working on combining working out with transportation, and reduce my reliance on the car. I rode my bike to ballet, and used my long run to pick up something I'd been given in my local Buy Nothing group. 

Not a great week in terms of doing the actual running workouts/paces. Or weights. Or stretching. But I got in the miles! Certainly not bad.


Monday: Tap class (60 min) + core (5 min) + pull-ups

Wednesday: Every Mother Counts virtual 5k + bike to/from class 1.5 miles + ballet class (90 min)

Friday: Easy run 3.3 miles (13:53 pace, 59* and drizzly, mid afternoon, 174 spm) + core (5 min)
Still feeling sore and fatigued enough from the ballet class (first after skipping a few weeks!) to not want to do an actual running workout.

Sunday: Long run 6.5 miles (13:29 pace, 52* and just barely drizzly, mid morning, 176 spm) + core (5 min)

Total biking: 1.5 miles
Total running: 12.9 miles

Average daily steps: 12,831
Weight: +33 (no change)

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