Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Week of June 18 - 24: RLRF 5k Training Week 7/10


Monday am: Yoga (10 min)
Monday pm: Tempo-ish run 4.0 miles (13:15 pace, 81* and freaking hot, mid evening, 164 spm)

Run goal: wu, 3 @ 11:17, cd
Actual: 0.25 warm up, 11:18, 0.1 walk, 11:44, 0.1 walk, 11:50, 0.55 cool down

Not quite what I was supposed to do, but a reasonable modification, I think, given the extraordinarily hot day. 

Tuesday am: Yoga (10 min)
Tuesday pm: Nike app weights (30 min)

Wednesday: Restorative yoga (10 min)

Thursday: Nike app weights (35 min)

Friday: Bike 5.2 miles to/from the pool + swim 500 yards

Saturday am: Bike 3.5 miles to/from park/errands + park yoga class (60 min)
Saturday pm: Stroller long run 5.35 miles (15:16 pace, 70* and relatively pleasant, early afternoon, 162 spm) + cargo bike 1.0 mile

I did my long run while picking up N from my MIL's house - ran there with an empty stroller and ran back with him! There's not a quite ideal route there, even though it's not far. I tried a route that was significantly hilly, but the less trafficked and more pleasant route otherwise. Hill training is good for me, right?!

Sunday: Bike 10.15 miles (8.5 mph, 70* and sunny, mid morning)

A sort of "real" bike ride! I've been trying to get in some biking consistently every week, but it's been primarily to/from the park and rec center, no more than a couple miles at a time. This was also a park, to be honest, but one ~5 miles away, so even with a break in the middle it was a nice long-ish hour of riding overall. 

Total swimming: 500 yards
Total biking: 19.85 miles
Total running: 9.35 miles

Average daily steps: 12,707
Weight: +32 (-1 lb!)

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