Friday, June 22, 2018

Racing Again: Rookie Mistakes

Last week I put up a race recap for the Shamrock 5k I did... in March. 

Ok, it's a little delayed in recapping, but this was my first "real" race in a while! Overall it was a good race, but there were some hiccups that basically felt like a throw-back to when I was first getting into running and had no idea what I was doing. I made some real rookie mistakes!

1. I wore the race shirt to the race! I've since learned that it's generally (at least by more serious runners) a faux pas to wear the race shirt to the race itself - even if it's not officially a "finisher's" shirt, I guess it kind of is anyway? But the first time I did a race (Race for the Cure), I actually thought you were supposed to wear it! Like, not required but that it's what everyone did! And for big, more community than serious runner type of races, a lot of people do. But now I typically refrain from wearing the shirt until afterwards - unless it's a St Paddy's day run and I don't have any other green running apparel. 

2. Didn't consider chafing. I don't usually have big issues with this while running, but it is something I usually (or, used to) keep in the back of my mind. At this race, my running belt was riding up my waist, and ended up slightly above my pants. Once there, though, it was staying put so I didn't think much of it - until I showered and realized how much it had chafed on bare skin!

3. Forgot to consider traffic and parking issues. Granted, this is more about big races than races in general - but for this type of event in Portland, the pick up is often at the convention center like this one, which involves driving across town and finding parking! Not my favorite thing, and was not easy on the day for this. Fortunately, for the race itself, I was able to park close to home and take the MAX into downtown!

4. I forgot how long it takes to cross the start line! My friend Karey was doing one of the longer races (15k, I think?) which started an hour after my 5k. I was pretty sure I'd at least be well under 45 minutes, so that left at least 15 minutes to try to find her and say hi! Except... that I didn't cross the start line for 15 minutes, so so much for that idea! 

5. I didn't charge my gamin! I can't believe this! It didn't even occur to me to check the night before, but somehow it was such a low battery it didn't even stay on for more than a moment when I tried. Fortunately, we live in the age of smart phones so I was able to use an app, but it was definitely not as convenient. I don't think I'll forget this for a race again anytime soon!

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  1. It seems like each race teaches us new lessons. I've been running and racing for 13 years, and I'm still learning LOL

  2. I learn something with every race!

  3. Heh, these things happen even if you're not out of practice, especially if it's a race you haven't run before or recently. :)

  4. Aw I bet the Garmin thing was so frustrating! I have worn the race shirt before. People who care about that are snobs!


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