Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Week of May 7 - 13: RLRF 5k Training Week 1/10

I'm trying out the Run Less Run Faster plan for my training this summer - doing a 5k in July, and then a half marathon in the fall. 

To a large extent this is kind of the opposite of plans I've followed in the past - it focuses on intensity over volume. Which I don't disagree with, but it says even your crosstraining should be high intensity! Most other plans I've read about place varying degrees of emphasis on building an aerobic base with lots of easy miles. RLRF, on the other hand, calls those junk miles.

I don't entirely agree with the philosophy, but it definitely has some good parts. I do appreciate the emphasis in RLRF on strength and stretching. And mostly I need a plan that I can follow/tells me what to do, while still allowing room in my schedule for an extraneous amount of crosstraining (dance, plus working back in the swim and bike - I don't think I'll do a tri this year but build a base to do one next year). I do plan to keep virtually all of the crosstraining easy intensity, because I do think some of that is beneficial, and I might fit in an easy run here and there. 


Monday: Tap class (60 min) + core (5 min) + mobility (12 min)

Tuesday: Stroller tempo run 3.5 miles (13:58 avg pace, 68* and warm, late afternoon, 170 spm) + Nike bodyweight strength (45 minutes)
Run goal: 0.5 wu + 3 @ 11:59 (adj 10% to 13:11 for stroller) + 0.5 cd
Actual: 0.5 warm up, 2.5 @ 13:10, 13:04, 13:11, 0.5 cool down

Wednesday: Ballet class (90 min) + core (5 min)

Thursday am: Swim 500 yards + speedwork run 4.15 miles (13:05 avg pace, 59* and pleasant, mid morning, 170 spm)
Run goal: 0.5 wu (with drills/strides) + 2 x 1 (11:30) + 0.5 (11:14) with 0.25 rest intervals + 0.5 cd
Actual: 0.5 warm up, 2 x 1 mile @ 11:26, 11:26, 0.5 @ 11:15, 0.65 cool down

I took the day off from work to make an extra long weekend (already have Fridays off usually in the summer), so I managed to get to the pool finally!

Thursday pm: Nike bodyweight strength (45 min)

Friday: Restorative yoga (20 min)

Saturday: Nike bodyweight strength (7 min) - this was just a benchmark "workout"

Sunday: Long run 4.0 miles (13:34 avg pace, 70* and warm, mid morning, 174 spm) + RLRF strength (20 min)
Run goal: 5 m @ 12:29 (adj 10% 13:44 stroller)
Actual: 2.2 with stroller (13:44, 13:45, 13:39) + 1.8 without (12:43, 13:53)

Total swimming: 500 yards
Total running: 11.65 miles

Average daily steps: 14,322
Weight: +35 (no change)

I started the week a bit confused, I eventually realized, about how to set your "goal" pace (and thus determine workout paces) for the 5k plan (it's a bit different than for longer races). The paces I used weren't easy, but they weren't as challenging as I expected (expect for the long run, but that was compounded by being hot and, I realized by the next morning, coming down with a cold). This current week I'm taking it a bit easy since I'm sick, so continuing on the same trajectory, but might go up a couple notches after that and consider what goal pace for my 5k might really be.

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