Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Week of Feb 26 - Mar 4

Eventually (after April 15 17), I will post something again that isn't just a workout post, I promise.


Monday: Tap dance class (60 min) + swim 500 yards 

Tuesday: Rest day (Bought a new-to-me desk to upgrade my work-from-home situation which I do in the evenings. Spend the time not working getting that set up.)

WednesdayQuasi-speedwork stroller run 1.7 miles (13:18 pace, 45* and rainy, late afternoon, 166 spm)

Plan: wu, 4 x 0.25 @ <9:00 (adj to ~9:30 with stroller), 0.25 recoveries, cd
Actual: 3 x 0.25 - 9:02, 10:20, 12:22

Between N starting to wake up during the night again sometimes (for an hour and a half at 1:30 the night before this!) and tax season in general, I'm so freaking tired this week. (Also, how in the world did I survive tax season last year when I was getting up with N every 2 - 3 hours all night, every night?!) Add in rain, and I felt accomplished to head out the door at all. I tried on the first interval, sort of on the second, and gave up on the third. 

Thursday: Stroller run 1.95 (14:56 pace, 43* and drizzly, late afternoon, 166 spm) + core workout (10 min)

Friday: Rest day (My MIL treated me to seeing Oregon Ballet Theatre Alice (in wonderland). It was amazing, great dancing and some really awesome effects through costumes and sets.)

Saturday: Run 1.85 miles (14:32 pace, 50* and sunny, afternoon, 166 spm)

Sunday: Rest day (just felt like crap - busy season, fighting off a cold, sleep problems)

Total swimming: 500 yards
Total running: 5.5 miles

Average daily steps: 10,136
Weight: +34 (no change)


  1. Are you on Strava by any chance? I'm impressed by your consistency...I have kind of a hard time with that (getting better, but slowly).

  2. I do have a strava account, but don't really use it. I believe it syncs to my Garmin, if it's a GPS-based workout, but I'm not sure how much shows on my profile!

    For me (outside of being super busy - these last few weeks of tax season are tough to do anything!) I have to have a routine/schedule. e.g., Running T/Th/Sa/Su, Weights Tu/Th, etc. Granted there's always something that gets shifted around in a given week, but having a template/starting point makes it easy to do that shifting!


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