Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Running Plans

My 2017 running was basically a bust. My total running mileage ended up being 186.8 miles for the year. But, *knock on wood*, I've been successfully re-building my running for the last 7 weeks, and so far so good! 

The ultimate goal, of course, is to remain healthy and not cause any regression of existing problems. Anything else must be subordinated to that. I don't want to commit too strongly a specific mileage or even length of a goal race, and feel like I have to train at something more than my body will allow.

Ideally, I want to run a half marathon in the fall. I'd settle for a 10k. However, I'm semi-committed to a relay (one day, two legs each) in May that requires at least one 5+ mile leg - so, if all goes well, I'll be basically at 10k distance by then, therefore a half, several months later, shouldn't really be a problem!

I'd also like to do another sprint tri in the fall, but that will be more dependent on scheduling and time capacity.

Here's what I'm registered for so far:

February 11 - Fight for Air Climb - I did this event a few years ago and did 80 floors; I think I'll go for 160 this time.

March 18 - Shamrock 5k - I also this one three years ago and set a then-PR. I'm not expecting that this time, but really anything right now is a post-preg PR, so at least I've got that going for me. : )

May 5 - Hood to Coast Pacific City - My firm has a team signed up, and I'm tentatively volunteered for it! Unless something goes really wrong with my training, I should be able to do this. The downside is that this is the same weekend as Bloomsday. I've thought about catching a midnight flight to Spokane, to fit in both, but that might be going a bit too far!

I think I'll just see how things go through those events, and not put too much thought into races beyond that. I don't want to get my heart or schedule set on something I can't handle, but I'm looking forward to (safely) stretching my limits this year!

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