Monday, December 18, 2017

Week of December 11 - 17


Monday: Tap dance class (60 min)

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: Stroller run 1.65 miles (15:02 pace, 45* and very windy, early evening)

Thursday: Tempo run 1.2 miles (11:25 pace!, 37*, late evening)

Woot! The past couple of weeks I've done a "tempo" run by doing a run with the family, where Abe pushes the stroller and I have to really push myself to keep up. This was just pushing myself, and I'm pretty impressed. 

Friday: Yoga (30 min)

Saturday: Stroller run 1.3 miles (15:31 pace, 41*, afternoon) + yoga (20 min)

A kid across the street called out that he liked our Christmas lights on the stroller. I really put them on just a a cheap safety thing for the winter (often running close to dusk), but it's also festive and neighbors seem to be an enjoying it. 

Sunday: Stroller running errands - three legs totaling 2.5 miles (14:44 pace, 45*, midday)

Total running: 6.65 miles 
Average daily steps: 7,811
Weight: +33 (no change)

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