Tuesday, December 19, 2017

2017 Races (or Not)

It's that time of year to reflect on the year and see what goals we accomplished, and all that jazz. 

My races for the year are... practically nonexistent. It's a bit disappointing to look back on now; it was incredibly disappointing going through it. (Don't go, I promise this post won't totally be a bummer!)

I ended up only doing two races. This was not what I had in mind! It turns out that the women I see on the internet, who start running at two weeks and do a race ("for fun") at eight or ten weeks postpartum - they might not be the norm. Granted, my situation wasn't totally typical, but it's not entirely abnormal, either, and it's something I now feel I was totally naive about. 

So, 2017 was not what I expected. But certain aspects aside - they were pretty good races.

By traveling for the races, I spent time with family. Both of the races were family trips of different variations. 

Bloomsday was a trip to Spokane to spend time with my parents, as well as other relatives in the area. It was the first time many of them got ot meet N, and it was a great weekend!

The Great Columbia Crossing was a trip to Astoria - my first time there was while pregnant, so it was fun to take N there! (Looking forward to a longer, warmer, trip with him in the summer, though, to enjoy more of it!).

By running these races, I learned a lot about my limitations. Ok, this might not be super fun, but it is an important part of the journey. 

During Bloomsday, the pelvic issues were more-or-less under control (temporarily), but it showed me how much work I had to re-build my fitness overall.

For the Great Columbia Crossing, I realized how significant the pelvic floor issues really were, and what that both more work and more medical attention were needed. It had been one step forward and two steps back, yet I was still in somewhat denial. Admitting it is the right step, after all.

By participating in the races, I got to enjoy great weather in beautiful cities, and add a couple nice t-shirts to my collections!

I'm excited to currently be getting back into running, even if it's just with a temporary crutch. I'm planning out races for 2018 - and I think it's realistic that I'll be able to run them! 

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