Monday, November 20, 2017

A Few Weeks of Sort of Exercising

Week of Oct 16 - 22

Monday: Yoga (10 min)

Thursday: Bike trainer 2.6 miles (10.3 mph, 55 rpm)

Friday: 3 Day Rotation kickboxing (20 min)

Saturday: Jillian Michaels Bounce Back Baby (20 min)

Sunday: Jillian Michaels BBB (20 min) + Yoga (15 min)

Week of Oct 23 - 29

Monday: Tap dance class (60 min) + Jillian Michaels BBB (20 min) + Yoga (10 min)

Tuesday: Jillian Michaels BBB (20 min) + Yoga (10 min)

Thursday: Jillian Michaels BBB (20 min) + Yoga (10 min)

Friday: Hike 1.2 miles - Pittock Bird Sanctuary + Jillian Michaels BBB (20 min) + Yoga (15 min)

Sunday: Jillian Michaels BBB (20 min)

Week of Oct 30 - Nov 5

Monday: Tap dance class (60 min)

Saturday: Hike 1 mile - Tualatin Hills Nature Park

Week of Nov 6 - 12

Monday: Tap dance class (60 min)

Tuesday: Stroller run/walk 1.1 miles (16:39 pace) + Jillian Michaels BBB (20 min)

Wednesday: Yoga (10 min)

Friday: Stroller run/walk 1.1 miles (17:14 pace)

Saturday: Hike 1 mile - Orchard Park + Jillian Michaels BBB (20 min)

Sunday: Yoga (10 min)

After the 10k that proved the pelvic floor issues were not gone, I figured it was worth taking a break from running for at least a bit. I got an appointment scheduled with a urogynecologist, and took it easy in the meantime. (Aka, had a hard time being motivated to do other workouts.) But as a result, we also decided to commit to going on a family hike every weekend (so long as it's not absolutely horrible weather, at least). 

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