Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Five: SodaStream Alternatives

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Earlier this year - merely a few years after the trend - we finally got a SodaStream. I was relying waaay too much on diet coke (which was actually a cutback in overall caffeine consumption since my pregnancy, since beforehand I frequently had energy drinks - but more cans since one energy drink has more caffeine than one diet coke), and then we got in drinking LaCroix. And the cans just freaking piled up.

It started making me really uncomfortable from an environmental standpoint (even if they're recycled - it still takes energy to make, transport, and recycle them!). We did the math, and when you account for both the syrup (if you buy the SodaStream products), C02, and the actual machine, it would about 10 years to be spending less per serving. But we decided to go for it anyway.

In lieu of just using buying syrups, though, I've found a lot of options for drinks to make with the SodaStream water. Can be cheaper, and provides more flexibility for taste or sweetness.

1. Homemade simple syrups. I made this cherry limeade syrup and I want to get around to this blood orange syrup. Just google and you can find a ton of recipes and ideas.

2. Juice. I love a lemonade mixed with sparkling water. This even got me to realize the obvious, that at restaurants that have a specialty lemonade in their fountain drinks but it's overly sweet - just dilute it with soda water, like I do at home. I have no idea how that'd never occurred to me before. 

3. Cocktails. Actually, Abe is doing more of this, but I've tried a few things. Well if "cocktail" equals one of the above, with vodka added in. But still tasty! 

4. Fruit. During watermelon season in the summer I made this aqua fresca. Also a genre with lots of ideas out there if you take a look!

5. Tea. I've never been a huge fan of iced tea, but when it's sparkling it's ok! I'm trying to cut back on the diet coke (err... "diet cola" SodaStream syrup) with sparkling iced tea (my MIL introduced me to guyausa tea, which as a higher caffeine content than most). I brew a concentrated tea, and overly carbonate the water, and it works out pretty well.

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