Monday, September 4, 2017

NROLFW Phase 2 Week 4 & 10k Training Week 2/8


Monday: Run 2.0 miles (16:37 pace, 95* and seriously wtf is it so hot, 8:00 pm)

Despite the heat, this felt pretty good! Even though my easy pace is relatively ridiculously slow, it felt good to go out on a nice relaxing run. Dealing with a calf/achilles issue, but overall my body is starting to remember how to do this. 

Tuesday: NROLFW phase 2 workout A (40 min)

Thursday: Stroller run 1.35 miles (16:41 pace, 82* and surprisingly pleasant, 5:00 pm) + bike trainer 4.55 miles (10.9 mph, 58 rpm)

Friday: Speedwork run 3.2 miles (14:13 overall pace, 70* and very sunny, 9:30 am)
Goal: 4 x 0.25 @ 9:45
Actual: 9:38, 9:45, 10:12, 10:21

So, uh, I should probably work on more consistent pacing. 

SaturdayNROLFW phase 2 workout B (45 min weights + 15 min intervals), incl intervals (+ add'l 5 min) on bike trainer (3.55 miles, 10.6 mph, 56 rpm)

Sunday: Long stroller run 4.0 miles (17:08 pace, 68* and sunny, 9:00 am)

This felt good for my second-longest (other than Bloomsday which was barely even half-assed) run since baby - and with the stroller no less! This was almost a negative split, with the second mile the slowest.

Total biking: 8.1 miles
Total running: 10.55 miles
Average daily steps: 12,855
Weight: +35 - lost 4 lb! 

I really don't feel like I'm eating that much better to all of a sudden lose some weight. But, what I have done fairly consistently the past week or two-ish, is (1) drastically reducing dairy, and (2) trying to keep sugary sweets to right after exercising. The latter in particular seemed to be key when I lost weight previously.

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