Wednesday, September 20, 2017

F Game Event: First Frenzy

For our First Frenzy in our new house, we held F day! Abe wore a Festive Frisbee shirt and Frayed pants, while I wore Forest green and put N in a Forest-themed onesie.

Discs - a Few Focuses (one that's Faded), Flash,Flow, FD, Fuse, Force

For Sale
Forbidden Desert
Forbidden Island

Fairly Fresh water From the Faucet

[Forgotten Fresca]
Fresa Fanta Floats

Four egg (Farmers hen house Free-range) Frittata with Fresh veggie and Feta
Faux Flaouna with Filo dough, Fennel and Fenugreek seeds, and Feta
Fava bean Falafel
Figs and other Fresh Fruit
Fig newtons
Fuji apples
Frozen French Fries
French bread with Fromage (from France!) and Fig spread
Fiesta lime black bean crackers
Fudge mint cookies

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