Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Week of July 31 - Aug 6


Monday: Fartlek run 1.65 miles (16:00 pace, 86* and dusk, 9:00 pm) + yoga (10 min)

Wednesday: Run 1.4 miles (17:28 pace, 93* and effing hot, 9:00 pm)

Friday: Run 1.4 miles (16:59 pace, 81* and sunny, 10:30 am)

Total running: 4.45 miles
Average daily steps: 7,729
Weight: +39 (no change)

Though I know I still have a lot of room for improvement in terms of what I'm eating, it's really frustrating to see it not drop (when I have made some improvement in eating compared to when the weight was going on! As well as getting exercise back into the routine). I even try to take into account body measurements - i.e., actual size, not just weight (especially when getting back into weight lifting, so building muscle). But even that, is virtually unchanged from the beginning to the end of the first phase of NROLFW (just finished last week) The one that showed progress was my low waist (belly button level) - that actually did drop 1.5 inches! I think that's the portion of the abs that would be most impacted by diastasis recti, and although I wasn't focusing on that area specifically (as one can and drop inches - see this link bait-titled NPR article that's been making the rounds the past couple of days) and didn't have significant DR issues that I was aware of, I probably had some mild separation that was improved by just doing consistent ab work as part of NROLFW. So, yay? I guess that's something. 

I am reasonably happy with my progress on the actual weight lifting part of this first phase of NROLFW: postpartum edition. I reasonably close to the weights I was using at the end the first time I went through it, and arm strength body weight movements (which feel particularly significant for me) such as assisted pull-ups and push-ups went form like "ha, nope!" to feeling like I was doing something decent. 

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