Thursday, June 29, 2017

N Game Night in November

N Night in November was baby N's first game night! It was also our first time trying to entertain in the evening while juggling baby sleep, and it was not the easiest thing, we found out. 

Very sadly my phone that had photos of the event died in January, so I don't have any of it! In lieu, I give you a photo of a week-old N. But in any case, here's what we had there. 
Nuns on the run
No thanks

Not Naked juice (Naked juice was the intended purchase... but it was bought by someone with a six-week old infant who was sleep deprived)

Nuts, roasted
Nori wraps with Neufchatel cheese and Noodled veggies
Nigiri sushi with melon, cucumber, squash, sweet potato
Naan with Nacho filling
Napa cabbage, braised, with Nutmeg
Neopolitan ice cream
Nilla wafers with Nutella 
Nanaimo bars

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