Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bloomsday 2017

This was my 5th consecutive Bloomsday! 2016 2015 2014 2013

I'm definitely not ready to leave N overnight yet, so he and Abe came along, even though I was the only one doing the race this year. We made it a little road trip, the first real one with the baby (we had a couple smaller trips for Thanksgiving, but he was little enough to mostly just sleep through it then)!

We made the drive over to Spokane on the Friday - about 6 hours of drive time, but we made a couple stops, so it was closer to 8 hours total. N didn't nap quite as great as would have been ideal, but enough, and he stayed in a good mood until the last half hour of so (similar on the way back home Sunday after the race), at which time we made judicious use of "The Duck Song" on youtube. 

Some relatives came to the hotel to hangout a bit Friday night, we quickly got my race packet at the expo Saturday morning (I finally refrained from buying one of the souvenir shirts - they're usually cool designs, but I have plenty now!), and other relatives hosted us for a pasta dinner Saturday night. This was the first time for most of them meeting the baby! 

Picnic!                              Car naps!                              Over it.

My parents took care of N during the race (gave my mom an excuse to not walk it this year! even though her sister was walking it with my cousin), while Abe explored another disc golf course in the area. 

I had some goals going in that seemed unreasonable, all things considered as far as my fitness and training abilities - A goal: under 1:38, my then-standing slowest running Bloomsday time; B goal: under 1:45; C goal: absolutely under 2 hours.

We had pretty much perfect running conditions, in the low 50s and just starting to feel warm and sunny by the end. I started out feeling a lot better and running faster than I would have thought possible. I began with 5:1 run:walk intervals; about 30 or 40 minutes in I started walking full 6-minute segments, and then interspersed more walking from there on. 

I decided to enjoy the race since I couldn't set a PR or even run the entire thing. I felt emboldened to shout back at the obnoxious anti-abortion protesters that are along the course each year. I bought an otter pop from one of the school fundraising groups, and took a free small cup of bud light along Doomsday Hill. Doomsday Hill was not fun, though I included some running intervals up it here and there.

Mile splits: 
1 - 12:32
2 - 12:54
3 - 15:14
4 - 14:16
5 - 15:48
6 - 15:08
7 - 15:10
7.46 - 13:49 (8:03 time for .58 per my garmin)

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