Monday, May 22, 2017

Week of May 15 - 21


Monday: FitStar workout (19 min) + yoga video (15 min)

Tuesday: Yoga video (15 min) + stroller run 1.25 miles (15:39 pace, 52* and drizzling, 4:30 pm)

Thursday: Stroller run 1.0 mile (14:48 pace, 68* and sunny, 5:00 pm)

Friday: Stroller run 1.35 miles (15:50 pace, 73* and sunny, 4:30 pm)

Saturday: Bike trainer 4.4 miles (13.2 mph, 60 rpm) + yoga video (15 min)

Sunday: "Long" run 2.35 miles (14:37 pace, 81* and dusk, 8:45 pm)

Total biking: 4.4 miles
Total running: 5.95 miles
Average daily steps: 9,463

Weight: +40 (0 change)

I'm working on overcoming the catch-22 that feeling off in mood makes me not want to exercise, but exercise helps me not feel off in mood. Did a decent job of that this week! Running, while still slow and not truly 100% resolved in the pelvic floor issues (but 98%-ish resolved), is starting to approach feeling like it might feel normal again in the not too distant future. Might even become fun again! I've finally (after registering for two races, including Bloomsday, and DNS-ing the local one and doing Bloosmday simply because it's a tradition and trying not to have any expectations) registered for a couple races for the summer and fall. Plans for training and goals for those to come in a post hopefully this week. 

I finally figured out that the reason my bike speed sensor wasn't working actually was because it needed a new battery (even though the Internet said that needing a new battery was highly improbable), so fixed that and finally got on my bike (indoors!) again! Sometime I'm going to have to have enough confidence to ride it again outdoors, after, oh, probably two years? It was in the summer before the winter I got pregnant, so pretty sure that was coming up on two years ago.

I'm also going to start a new round of New Rules of Lifting for Women (did a mostly complete cycle of that a couple years ago, and half-heartedly restarted but didn't finish another round while pregnant). I've got to do something about my body, I'm not happy with it, and while lifting up my now roughly-20 pound baby is keeping up some strength (though, man, can I feel it in my back when I've spend a day at home with him versus at work), it's not doing what I want exercise to do in terms of appearance.

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