Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Five: Thoughts on Being a #motherrunner

(I swear I'm using the hashtag ironically. Although, if I leave it in hashtag form when I share this post on twitter and it becomes a usable hashtag, is it still ironic or does that move into actually using it? Conundrum.)

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1. When I was heading out on a stroller run recently, a neighbor commented to me something along the lines of "wow, you don't let a major life change get in the way of a good workout, do you?" I smiled, thinking he was complimenting my commitment to running. Then I thought about it further, and realized he actually might have been criticizing putting working out over my kid? The tone and specific words choices he used might be more along those lines. I'm really not sure. But I suspect fitting in exercise, like any other balancing act of parenthood (and motherhood, more specifically), is something you can't really win either way.

2. I hope my kid is interested in running, to at least some degree. I love the idea of all three of us running a race together someday. But, I think there's definitely potential damage to be done in pressuring a child to pursue your hobby and interests, so though I think some kind of active hobby is important to encourage, I want to be deliberate to not push running as that active hobby too much!

3. I also like the idea of all three of us "running" a race with the baby in the stroller. We haven't tried it yet, but I suspect if Abe pushes the stroller and keeps an easy pace for him (as adjusted by the stroller's impact), I should just barely be able to keep up (at a not-easy pace for me). 

4. Reading blogs or articles about running while breastfeeding, it seems like everyone mentions making sure you've nursed or pumped right before running, so as to be more comfortable while things are prone to bouncing during the run. I simply haven't found that to be the case for me! Possibly if I did try to run very first thing in the morning, before any am nursing (he's not sleeping through the night yet, but it's long enough stretches that I am particularly full when getting up for the day), that would be uncomfortable? But running in the afternoon (which is my norm) it makes absolutely no difference. It might help that I was already in need of a lot of sports bra support even before the baby! So I'm used to addressing more general bounce-reducing needs. 

5. Did becoming a mother impact my running? No. The fact that I had a medical event that required time off from running did. And the fact that I have more restrictions on my time, and sometimes add an extra 40 pounds (in stroller + baby) to the work I'm doing to run does. Just like being an #accountantrunner creates circumstances that adjust my running from January through April 15th, it does create circumstances that adjust my running, but there's ultimately nothing special about being a mother who runs. 


  1. I commend mother's that can still keep up running while they have little ones. Pushing a stroller I'm sure is no easy task while running.

  2. Ok, forget what dinglehead said. You need to take care of you. When I was in the hospital with my first, the nurses made sure to drive home that I needed to take care of myself first to make sure I was available to be a good mom to my baby. If that means fitting in time for your workouts -- DO IT!

    And #2 -- a delicate balance. I'm entering that stage right now... I want my kids to be interested but I don't want to pressure them. I'm following their leads.

    Happy Mother's Day :)

  3. Happy Mother's Day to a great #accountantmother and #motherrunner :)

    I have no idea what having a child is like, but I think most major life changes necessitate going for a good workout. I also love that you're showing your child what a commitment to an active lifestyle looks like from a very young age. I wish my parents had done that.


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