Thursday, April 27, 2017

Week of April 17 - 23


Monday: FitStar workout (22 min)

Thursday: Run 1.3 miles (15:10 pace, 54*, 5:30 pm) + FitStar workout (21 min)

Total running: 1.3 miles
Average daily steps: 5,615

Weight: +40 (+5 change from last reported a month ago)

Typical for tax season, but sucky on top of existing weight I'm trying to lose. Only 5 pounds below my highest weight ever - although, I think I'm smaller (e.g., have more muscle/less fat) than last time I weighed this much (and that's only a little bit trying to delude myself to say so). And, oh, yeah, on par with what I weighed at the end of pregnancy. Seriously, body, what is going on. 

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