Tuesday, February 21, 2017

TOTR: Three Running Wishes

I don't want to make too many posts just be listicles and/or link-ups (although when I'm busy it's easier to get something posted if I have the focus/direction of such - but I hope I generally still maintain my own voice here and am creating content that's relevant to me and interesting to you - any feedback on this?), but I found this week's Tuesday on the Run theme to be really interesting to think about and wanted to join! So today I'm linking up with Marcia, Erika, and Patty for Tuesday on the Run. 

This week's theme: the running genie has appeared and granted you three wishes - what are they?

1. I would like my calf tightness to go away. Throughout my running years, tight calves and occasionally extending into tight ankles/achilles has been my biggest recurring issue. One small benefit of not being able to run for the last bit of pregnancy and for a while postpartum was that my calves felt normal for once! But as soon as I started consistently running again (and, uh, not stretching consistently) (and returning to work and wearing heels consistently), my calves are insanely tight again! 

2. I would like for super easy running/heartrate training to always be fun. I know it's important, and there are definitely times when being able to go out nice and slow and zone out is relaxing and just what I need - but there are times when it isn't, and it'd be easier to see the improvement that it causes if it were always enjoyable!

3. To run an entire marathon without walking breaks. I'm not one to think that you're not "really" running if you take walking breaks or use an interval method, nor is it even about walking slowing down my time. Just for the sake of accomplishment, I want to fully run 26.2 miles. 

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  1. I would love to run entire race with ease as well! I guess while we're wishing, I'd wish to run it without injury as well!


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