Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pre-C25k: Week -2


Monday am: Yoga video (30 min)
Monday pm30 Day Shred level 1

Today's yoga video was a nice relaxing one, really letting me focus on breathing in and out. One thing I've struggled with, both in yoga, other exercise forms, and just for relaxation in general, is steady breaths and matching movement to the breath. Doing some yoga (nearly) every day this month has definitely made that easier.

I'm trying to up my weights - so far I've just been using 5-pound dumbbells for everything in the 30DS workouts (and, um, using tomatos cans for a couple of the exercises). Now I'm trying to do 10 pounds for at least a portion each time. After my first full 8-hour day in the office since I've been back, plus another hour at home to catch up on what I'd intended to get done, I was kind of dreading doing this workout, but it was - as I should have expected - energizing.

Tuesday: Run/walk 1.25 miles (5 x 15 sec / 2 min, 18:16 pace, 39*, 6:30 pm, 112 bpm) + yoga video (30 min)

An atypical wakeup pattern by the baby during the night (and/or cumulative fatigue) left me oversleeping this morning (and just when I'd been thinking "Why do I even bother setting my alarm anymore? I'm always up with the baby by 5:30 anyway..."), leaving no time for am yoga. (And this remained true for basically the rest of the week - could not get myself up in the morning in time to do anything but get out the door.) I fit it in after my run, instead. 

Yes, a run! I've been seeing a physical therapist for my pelvic floor issues for a few weeks now, and got the go ahead to try a run. Well, actually she said I could try 10-second intervals, and I did 15 seconds... but with minimal enough issues that I'm pretty sure I'm ok to continue. I'm doing to do 2 or 3 weeks of "pre-couch to 5k" to really ease my way into it. My physical therapist suggested 10 second intervals; I'm stretching it to 15 seconds, because that seems marginally less ridiculous than running for only 10. Interval paces ranged from 10:09 (whoa!) to 14:37 (ok, that sounds more reasonable). 

Friday: Run/walk 1.4 miles (6 x 15 sec / 2 min, 17:46 pace, 45*, 7:00 pm, 119 bpm)

And... if I'm going to write something up, I really should do it the same day, I don't remember anything specific about this. But it wasn't as cold. Intervals ranged from 9:48 to 14:40. I should work on pacing the intervals better - it looks I'm consistently slowing down over the course of one of these runs. But this was my birthday, and I got to run on my birthday! 

Sunday: Run/walk 1.4 miles (8 x 15 sec / 2 min, 20:07 pace, 43*, 3:30 pm, 110 bpm) + yoga video (15 min)

This wasn't the specific yoga video from the challenge for today, but one from earlier in the month that I hadn't done yet. They got longer throughout the month! 30 minutes seemed like too much, but I could fit in 15 minutes. 

Did a run with Abe and the baby - he walked pushing the stroller, I walked with them, ran my interval, walked back, etc. Somewhat got more consistent (relatively speaking) with my intervals - ranging from 10:36 to 13:10, most of them in the 11s.

Total running: 4.05 miles
Average daily steps: 8,706


  1. Heeeey, looks like we're bladder prolapse buddies! Hooray.

    1. Oh no, sorry you're dealing with that too! Are you seeing a physical therapist? It's been super helpful for me.

    2. Yes, and she's a runner (who runs to be happy, just like me) so she's really supportive of my goals in that area. When I first realized what was going on, I immediately started googling...which led me to believe I was facing a lifetime of never running again. I freaked out and booked a PT appointment right away!


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