Monday, February 6, 2017

Pre-C25k: Week -1


Monday: Yoga video (15 min)

Tuesday: Yoga video (15 min)

Wednesday: Run/walk 1.65 miles (8 x 30 sec / 2 min, 16:39 pace, 36*, 7:30 pm, 75 bpm (um, what? I highly doubt that)) + yoga video (15 min)

It was crazy windy during run - the kind that had occasional gusts that made you feel like you weren't even moving. (Garmin data shows 16 mph. Generally I'd prefer that the wind not being moving at a faster speed than I am!) But felt good other than that! Intervals from 10:14 to 12:04.

Thursday: 30 Day Shred level 1 (20 min) + yoga video (15 min)

I used 10 pound weights for the first two circuits! Only 5 for the third circuit, but it's one that inherently needs lower weights (movements involving arms straight out). 

Friday: Run/walk 1.6 miles (8 x 30 sec / 2 min, 17:22 pace, 36*, 7:15 pm, 123 bpm) + yoga video (15 min)

It was icy in the morning, but we didn't get the massive degree of freezing rain and ice that was predicted for the day; by the evening it was merely rainy a bit. Intervals from 10:20 to 13:54. 

My neighbor, who'd also seen me head out on Wednesday's run, commented that I didn't let any weather stop me from running, making me feel pretty good. She'd also commented near the end of my pregnancy that she was impressed seeing me stick with running - I've kind of surrounded myself (virtually, at least) with so many runners (who are sometimes extreme - I actually felt kind of down that I couldn't run through my entire pregnancy, as that seems reasonably normal), it's motivating to be reminded sometimes that that entire population doesn't view running as so normal, but rather a big accomplishment!

Saturday: Run/walk 1.7 miles (8 x 30 sec / 2 min, 16:31, 37*, 5:00 pm, 132 bpm) + yoga video (15 min)

I think it'd be best, especially for these first few weeks and perhaps even through the whole Couch to 5k program, to avoid running back to back days. However, at this point the forecast for Sunday had 100% chance of precipitation from 5 am to midnight - and potentially some of it snow. So I decided I'd rather not run in pouring rain and/or a snowstorm, and got it done Saturday afternoon. Finally got pretty consistent with my interval pacing - 10:26 to 11:56, and most right around 11.

Sunday: Yoga video (15 min)

Total running: 4.95 miles
Average daily steps: 8,708

Although I didn't manage to do the yoga workout every single day of January per the 30 day challenge, I definitely did more yoga than I would done otherwise! I still need to do some "after" pics of the poses that I did "before" pics of to see the visual progress, but in many poses I feel like things are coming a lot easier, both in flexibility and strength. 

To keep it up, I decided to use a 7 day yoga challenge on the same youtube channel, and do it four weeks in a row during February. I think the repetition of the same workouts will be good to really solidify some moves and more easily see progress. Plus, that repetition should make it easier to form the habit of doing yoga every morning, and they're all only 15 minutes long so reasonably to make the time for it!

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