Saturday, February 25, 2017

Postpartum: Month 3

See also: Month 1. Month 2

Thank goodness for facebook messenger conversations with my mom - since I'm nowhere near getting around to writing these posts in a timely manner (don't even ask how much is filled out in the actual baby book...), I can just scroll back there and see discussion of how he was sleeping and photos of him playing, and sort of remember what was going on at a given point in time.


Continuing to become more interactive, and smiling and giggling at us. Generally a happy, laidback baby, although the 2 month shots (which actually happened at the beginning of this month) were not fun.He started grabbing at toys - not necessarily grabbing on himself, but holding on if we put something in his hands. 

At night we started typically have at least one 4 hour stretch around the beginning of this month, and by the hand we actually had a handful of 5 to 6 hour stretches! After initially getting him on some semblance of a routine and being in bed (with wake ups) from about 9 to 9, we gradually shifted bedtime to around 6 pm. With that bedtime, I started adding a dreamfeed around 10, and on an average night he was just waking up around 2 - 3 and 4 - 5, before getting up for the day around 6. We got onto the EASY routine (Eat Activity Sleep You), which means though occasionally he might need milk other time, generally he just eats after waking up so we only have to try to interpret tired cues.

Abe started doing what I guess is "crib training" (but not cry it out) to get him used to falling asleep on his own (we'd previously had to wear him in a wrap to get him to fall asleep - and then could fairy readily transfer him to the crib for nighttime sleep but pretty much wore him for all naps for the first 2.5 months). It actually worked super well (so long as I wasn't nearby to hear him fussing a little), and by the end of December we maybe had to bounce him or do more cuddling occasionally, but he mostly falls asleep after putting him down semi-drowsy.

He had his first snow experience! (And experience waaay more snow in his first 4 months of life than I expected him to have in perhaps his first decade.)

And first Christmas! My parents visited us (and Abe's family is local), so we got to have Christmas with everyone all together. I made him some bowties for some dapper holiday outfits.

Physical Health & Recovery

I had a physical therapy appointment, for the prolapse/pelvic floor issues, scheduled mid-December, but it got canceled because of one of the snow storms, and not rescheduled until January.

Mental Health

Things were mostly going well. I continued to feel less overwhelmed as my physical issues improved. We were getting into a reasonably decent groove and routine. I got a little bit down as I approached my return to work, but more in the sense of being nervous about mixing up the routine and adding so much more to my plate.


By the two month mark, I had lost 10 pounds (probably mostly fluids), was only 10 above my pre-pregnancy mark. Around the third month, I'd started gaining, and by around New Year's/when I returned to work, I think I was about back to when I'd come home from the hospital, 20 pounds over pre-pregnancy. I was getting into some somewhat consistent (albeit short) workouts, but definitely eating and indulging more than needed merely to support breastfeeding. 

I did 30 Day Shred two or three times a week, a core yoga video, and fit in a couple swims and a couple indoor bike rides. 

General Thoughts

As I started approaching the end of my maternity leave, I actually was a bit sad about it. I know I was never meant to be a stay at home mom, for sure! (In fact, I realized recently that that's a big part of why for a long time I thought I'd never have kids - SAHM was my model from my family, and I knew I didn't want to do that. It took some time to absorb the idea of being a working mom.) I do miss him, but I am thrilled to be back at work, being productive. And I just appreciate the time I have with him so much more! (Not that it isn't hard... but I'll say more about that in the month 4 post when I was back at work.)

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