Monday, February 20, 2017

C25k: Week 1


Thursday: Run 1.65 miles (8 x 60 sec / 90 sec, 16:53 pace, 46*, 8:00 pm, 128 bpm)

Intervals 11:30 to to 12:51.

Saturday: Run 1.65 miles (8 x 60 sec / 90 sec, 15:16, 48*, 4:15 pm,139 bpm)

Intervals 9:13 (seriously? I'd like to believe this) to 12:38.

Sunday: Run 1.65 miles (8 x 60 sec / 90 sec, 17:06, 45*, 6:30 pm, 122 bpm)

Intervals 11:42 to 13:24. 

Total running: 4.95 miles
Average daily steps: 9,131

I totally dropped the ball on the yoga thing. Early mornings have not been happening (well, they have been, because baby. But I've been going back to sleep/napping any chance I get.

I've also been eating crap, and I've gained weight, and I've reached my breaking point where it's no longer ok. I came home from the hospital 20 pounds below the end of my pregnancy, and within a month or so had lost another 10 (which I claim no credit for - just reduction of fluid retention and whatnot). I've now gained 20 since then (30 over my pre-pregnancy lowest weight, which is my goal to get back to, eventually). Yes, I'm 10 pounds heavier than when I came home from the hospital after having the baby. I need to fix my eating, and I need to keep myself accountable, so I'm going to be sharing progress and goals here. 


Weight: +30 lb
Chest: +5" (I realize this is in large part breastfeeding related, but not 100% I don't think)
Waist: +6" (mommy pooch seems to be real)
Hips: +5" (also possibly birthing related, but again, probably not 100%)

Next week's food goalStart the day with a mug of ACV, lemon juice, honey, and hot water.

The alleged health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar might just be woo, but even if so it would be beneficial for the first thing I taste for the day to not be diet coke or other junk. I think (hope) being consistent with a (small) new habit will help snowball other new habits.

Next week's active goal: Meet at least one of the three fitness tracker goals each day.

I'm still using my fitbit, as well, but my work changed insurance on January 1 and they issued pedometers that we can use to earn points that reimburse our deductible. I have somewhat mixed feelings about the "big brother watching us" and dictating health actions and whatnot. But it is motivating to get steps in when you're earning actual cash, not just bragging rights against your friends.

You can earn $1 each day for each of three things: Walking 300 steps within 5 minutes, 6 times during the day (frequency). Walking 3,000 steps within 30 minutes, once during the day (intensity). Walking 10,000 steps total for the day (tenacity). Even if I'm nowhere near 10,000 steps, I can still accomplish the other goals, especially the frequency one.


  1. The first time I weighed myself after I came back from the hospital, I was 10 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight, and I thought this whole thing would be a breeze...and then two weeks later, I was up six lbs, because nursing hunger and chocolate. I'm kind of glad to hear I'm not the only one. (Oh, and it seems like my hips are just bigger in general after my first this point I assume they'll stay like that.)

    1. I figured I may or may not lose weight while nursing, but worst case scenario would be merely maintaining... nope! Between biological increased hunger and sociological/psychological wanting to eat to make sure my supply stays up, and emotional eating, this gain has happened so quickly, it's crazy!


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