Monday, January 2, 2017

Year of Running 2016

See also Year of Running: 2015201420132012. Joining Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC for this year's linkup!

Best race experience

The Twilight 5k. It was a really well done race, and I think I performed the best out of any of my pregnant races! 

Best run

From a general health standpoint it was a bad idea, but from a pure running standpoint, the one run I did at a month postpartum felt amazing! It was incredibly slow - virtually walking pace - but I only walked for literally just a few steps, which was much more consistent than I thought I'd be capable of, and it felt so good to breathe hard and feel the adrenaline of running again after 12 weeks off from it.

Best new piece of running gear

I'm not sure I actually bought anything for running this year beyond replacing shoes and trying out a pregnancy belt, since I spent basically the whole year pregnant or postpartum. But for Christmas I asked for and received wireless headphones. I haven't gotten to try them out on a run yet, but I'm excited about them!

Best running advice you received

While pregnant, take it easy. I also had some input to not run at all, but I'm glad  I didn't listen to that - for retaining general fitness and bolstering my mental health, I needed to keep it up for as long as I could. But I had to be easy on myself in order to keep it up - pace slowed and walking breaks became more frequent. Running at all was better than nothing, even if not up to my usual standards.

Most inspirational runner

My friend Karey. We met at a local 5k, and if I'm remembering correctly, ran the same races for our first half (Hippie Chick in 2012) and full marathons (Portland 2013). She's been training hard, setting new PRs, and made some intense goals for herself, joining both Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs. 

Favorite pictures from a run or race

From the Twilight 5k, at 31 weeks pregnant.

Photo from the race's facebook page

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat

The Oregon Trail Game 5k. Though the novelty aspect plus the hilly course mean it's not a PR race, so not one I'd necessarily want to do over and over, I would like to do it at least once while not pregnant, and see how fast I can do the running part balanced with the game.  

If you could sum up your year in a couple words


This year's races

Race for the Roses 5k
Bloomsday 12k (walk)
Portland Parks Fernhill Park 5k
Twilight 5k
Oregon Trail Game 5k

Eat Pray Run DC Year of Running 2016


  1. Sounds like we had a very similar year! It's nice to find a fellow running mom out there who's also the mom to an infant! :)

  2. Love your word to sum up the year! Thanks for linking up :)


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