Monday, January 16, 2017

Week of January 9 - 15


Wednesday: Yoga video (15 min) + yoga video (15 min) (making up for day 8)

Thursday: Yoga video (20 min) + yoga video (15 min) (making up for day 6)

Sunday: Yoga video (20 min) + bike trainer 10 min (est 2 miles) + yoga video (15 min) (making up for day 10)

Average daily steps: 5,883

An odd week - we got about 8 inches of snow! It started falling Tuesday afternoon, and I've stayed home since. Abe's gone out a couple times (in afternoons when temps have hovered around freezing and roads starting to thaw; though it's still freezing over at night with lows closer to 20). But I am not at all comfortable driving on hard packed snow (on the side roads, though freeways are fairly clear), with wet that keeps thawing and refreezing every day, leaving ice likely hidden in the shadows. I can work reasonably efficiently from home, so it's not worth the risk to me.

Somehow being home translated into not having time to exercise... I'm not even sure how that works, but I think it's mostly feeling obligated to help with the baby if I'm in the house (and enjoying baby snuggles while I can!), so balancing that with getting enough work hours in was challenging enough, much less fitting in much of anything else. 

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