Saturday, January 14, 2017

Week of January 2 - 8


Monday: Yoga video (10 min) + Run/walk 1.75 miles (17:04 pace, 34*, 3 pm, 119 bpm)

The temp for this run was right around freezing, with light snowflakes falling occasionally, and there was wind and I'm sure the wind chill must have created a feels like temperature in the mid-20s or so. I was not dressed in enough layers for it! Might have been sufficient if I'd been running the whole thing, but not for walking. 

My running portions (only 60 second intervals) were mostly faster than I anticipated! They ranged from 12:06 to 14:45. 

Tuesday: Yoga video (10 min)

Wednesday: Yoga video (15 min) + 30 Day Shred level 1 (20 min)

Thursday: Yoga video + Run/walk 1.75 miles (17:27 pace, 30*, 4:30 pm, 124 bpm)

Even colder! But I added an extra layer on all parts, so felt somewhat more prepared in that aspect. Definitely would have been comfortable if I'd been running the whole time. 

Still 60 second intervals of actual running, ranging from 11:29 to 14:30.

Saturday: Yoga video

Total running: 3.5 miles
Average daily steps: 7,748

I finally started remembering to take off my fitbit when I'm going to be bouncing the baby, so my step count it reasonably accurate. This was also my first week back at work, so it was definitely a little challenging to get in actual steps (and wouldn't have had as many fake bouncing steps either). 

If you look at these often, you might see more detail about the runs than usual (temp, time of day, heart rate, notes). I'm trying out the No Meat Athlete 2017 monthly challenges, and the January challenge is to journalize each run. I religiously track mileage and pace, and have almost my entire running career, but not necessarily anything more than that. The idea here is that there are plenty of things that might impact your running (diet, sleep, weather, etc) and if you're not tracking those then you won't be able to see patterns that you could address to improve your running. (I've added the weather - but suffice it to say that my diet is currently "breastfeeding" and my sleep is currently "new baby".)

I started with just adding such info to running workouts, and eventually realized it's probably not a bad idea to think about it for all workouts. So I might start doing that. 

The two runs I did (first after just one other postpartum run at 4 weeks) were intended to be the start of doing Couch to 5k to ease back into it. I got a referral a while back for a physical therapist for my pelvic floor issues, and I wanted to wait until I saw her to restart running, but I also really wanted to start running again in January. I had an appointment in December, but it got postponed because of snow. So I hadn't seen her by this week, and decided to try a couple runs anyway. I had some concerns about how it was going, so after these two put it off until I finally had my appointment the subsequent week. She asked me to put off running again for two weeks, but then I should be able to get back to it (gradually - she definitely approves of using something like C25k with intervals to build back up). 

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