Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Five: Similarities of Running & Parenting

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Lately, I've obviously been spending more time cuddling my baby than running (or other kinds of exercise). And yet, I've found some significant things that impact life in the same ways with either focus.

1. You're forced to be a morning person. Whether it's fitting in your long run before it gets hot on a summer weekend, or getting your baby on a routine that results in a wake up time around 6:00 am, you're likely to end up getting up significantly earlier than you'd prefer.

2. You spend money on crap you don't need. "Running is cheap, all you need is a pair of running shoes" they said. Until you buy a Garmin, reflective gear, and try out every kind of hydration system. "Breastfeeding is free", they said. Until you need to pump (though fortunately insurance pays for that part) and you look into hands-free options, try out a suction pump, and buy a car adapter. There are actually a lot of tools that are kind of fun to try! 

3. Poop and boogers are common - necessary, even - topics of conversation. Also, your threshold for bodily fluids left on clothing is pretty high.

4. When something goes wrong, you desperately scour the internet for solutions. Whether you're feeling a twinge in your achilles, or trying to get your baby to sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time, there are plenty of opinions available to tell you you to do the opposite of what you're currently doing, and then the opposite of that when it doesn't work. 

5. It's not always enjoyable in the moment, but overall it is rewarding and you'll love that you did it. It may not feel great when you're woken up at 4 am for the third time that night, or slogging through mile 19 of a marathon training run. But the smile you'll wake up to (at 6 am) and the rush when you cross the finish line will make it all worth while! 

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