Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Five: Baby's First Christmas Presents

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It's my baby's first Christmas! And I've finally sorted out presents for him (and the rest of our families). What do you give someone whose favorite hobbies are staring at shadows on the walls and at his own reflection in a mirror? 

Since he can't tell us his favorite color or cartoon character yet - and actually, we'll probably keep doing this going forward, albeit with more input from him - we're going with the "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, some to read" framework. (With "want" meaning a toy, hopefully one he will enjoy and "want" at some point). This will also help keep me from going overboard. (I can neither confirm or deny that I just put something in my Amazon cart that's intended to be a birthday present for him. Next October.)

1. Something you want: Alphabet Pal. I actually found this used in great shape at Goodwill. I know he's a bit young to use it yet, but even just us pressing the buttons to have it play sounds and songs might be entertaining now, and eventually it should be really fun!

2 Something you need: A couple things we'll need to buy for him anyway before his birthday - sunglasses (we do get sun here once in a while...) and a toothbrush. Since these are smaller, more practical items, I'll probably use them as stocking stuffers.

3. Something to wear: Sleeveless fleece sleepsack. We have a few variations of sleepsacks, but this is our current favorite (sleeveless = easier to get him into if already asleep or drowsy, while fleece still stays warm) so we want a second to trade off when it needs to be washed.

4. Something to read: The Complete Barnyard Collection board books. Mostly ones I'm familiar with from my own childhood, so excited to add all of them to our bookcase! 

5. For his birthday: The "want" item (or one of them) will be this baby boy Stella doll - isn't it adorable?!


  1. OMG, my son had the caterpillar ABC toy :) Used it forever!!! Brings back good memories.

  2. Ah, I totally forgot about all this stuff! We used the halo sleep sacks with the optional wings! It was great because they could be swaddled but then when they got bigger you could take it off. My kids loved their fleece sleep sacks.


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