Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Just Happened

We've been joking since I was pregnant - how could we choose to bring a child into a world where it's possible for someone like Trump to be a presidential nominee?

Now we actually have brought a child into a world where Trump was actually elected president. This is so far from the society that I thought I was in, where I thought it'd be challenging, but normal, to raise our son to be a feminist. I thought I'd have to figure out how to discuss with him the concept of consent, not explain the existence of a president who was elected despite being charged with child rape. 

It's not just about the children - even for our own sake, this is terrible. And realistically, our child is white, male, and culturally Christian, it's not like changes in our policies and laws will likely have a direct impact on him. But if we raise him right, he'll be deeply hurt by this. He'll be as saddened as we are that he'll grow up in a country where nearly half the voters think this is ok. This is beyond politics. This about humanity, or lack thereof.

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  1. I’m with you. I went to bed last night feeling blank. Confused. In disbelief. I woke up this morning, poured my coffee and then finally let myself bawl my eyes out because Trump really did win.

    I’m trying to understand why so many people voted for Trump. I imagine their lives must be very difficult and/or very privileged for them to vote against their own best interests and the rights of their female, LGBTQ+, minority friends and family members. I don’t yet understand, but I did donate to Planned Parenthood and RAINN. I’m lucky to have people who support and respect me in my life, but the number of women who came forward with their sexual assault stories was staggering and I wanted to feel like I could do something for them today. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a woman who has been sexually assaulted to have to look at Trump and know he’s the president.

    This is definitely beyond politics.


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