Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Weeks of October 3 - 9, 10 - 16, 17 - 23, 24 - 30

October 3 - 9

Due to post-birth complications (hemorrhaging after the birth and then my blood pressure going up again a couple days later), we were in the hospital for four nights after delivering, so we got home Wednesday afternoon. I was also under doctors orders to essentially be couch/bed-bound (to aid in recovering from the anemia from the blood loss) - no chores or walking even so far as around the block - until two weeks out. Especially for the first week, this was very clearly needed - even walking up the stairs to the bathroom or to/from the car for appointments was enough to make me feel a bit exhausted.

Average daily steps (from Thursday): 3,175

October 10 - 16

Just hanging out on the couch with the baby. But at the end of this week starting walking, at this point just one lap around the block, up to about half a mile at a time.

Average daily steps: 4,668

October 17 - 23

By the end of this week increased daily walks to twice around the block and some other longer loops around the neighborhood, getting up to not quite a mile at a time. Also added in a few minutes every other day of some low-key ab/core work (from a pregnancy book - specific to rebuilding immediately postpartum).

Average daily steps: 6,439

October 24 - 30

Continued daily walks, about a mile or a little more each time, and did the mild ab/core work a few times. 

Average daily steps: 6,053

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