Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Five: When I Can't Run

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Since giving birth (7 weeks ago tomorrow), I've run once - 1 mile, very slowly. I felt recovered enough - in most aspects - that I thought it'd be worth putting the effort into it. I didn't run for the last 8 weeks of pregnancy, and waited 4 weeks - so much longer than I'd ever gone without a run since I started! I couldn't stand to wait any longer. And it really did feel great and gave me a mental boost. 

Until a couple days later, when I felt something strange in my crotch, which is not something great to feel after childbirth. It turns out I have a mild bladder prolapse. The run may or may not have directly caused or exacerbated it; there was a weak pelvic floor primed for something to probably happen (have already happened? I might just not have noticed it yet) regardless. But it most certainly didn't help.

And now that I know about it, I have to work on strengthening the pelvic muscles, and I certainly should not be doing anything high impact, like, say, running. It's hard to say when I'll be able to again. Hopefully it's weeks, but possibly months. 

In the meantime, it's definitely hard to prioritize some other kind of exercise amidst taking care of the baby - if I were able to run, I'd definitely want to fit that in! - biking or yoga just isn't the thing I truly want to do. But I need to, for my mental health and general health, and to be ready to jump back into running when I'm finally cleared to. 

Got on the bike for 10 minutes this morning!

So what am I able to do? Here's what I can do and want to try to make time and energy for.

1. Ab/core work. Not only something I can do, but something I really really should do! Both for generally rebuilding my core after stretching it out for pregnancy, but also for the pelvic floor issues - your core and abs support that, too. Obviously there are some limitations here to avoid damage to your ab muscles (I don't have any abnormal issues, but do have a typical degree of separation), but important to (safely) work on!

2. Yoga. More core work, plus relaxing. It's also relatively easy to find postpartum specific yoga videos and classes, so some reassurance that the movements are safe for my abs and supportive for the recovery I need.

3. Weight lifting. Though I'm getting some muscle use in by lifting a baby and car seat, plus doing lots of squats (how else do you pick things up while holding the baby), some full body strength workouts would also be beneficial. 

4. Biking. Perhaps the closest I can get to running in terms of cardio, plus it'd be a head 
start for triathlon training for whenever I can add running back. 

5. Walking. I did so much walking at the end of the pregnancy, it's hardly what I want to focus on now! But it is an easy way to at least get some activity in (well, somewhat less easy given that it's fall and that means lots of rain), breathe some fresh air, and can even be done with the baby (bonus - being the stroller or a carrier typically puts him to sleep). 


  1. Awww I am sorry to hear you have that kind of issue going on! I know it is annoying -just when you really feel ready to roll to have a set back.
    I always have a hard time getting motivated when I can't run, but getting the weight training done will help! And all the other things you mentioned :) I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Yoga is good for strengthening the pelvic floor. And get on those kegels!! Your body will bounce back in no time. Hang in there.

  3. Even though you are unable to run, there are many activities that you can still do. But the main one and most important one right now is being a mommy:)


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