Monday, November 21, 2016

A Survey

A bit of mindless fluff to fill out while the baby sleeps! Taken from Meg Go Run a couple weeks ago. 

Tattoos- None. Yet. I have an idea I've been refining for several years, but the main holdup is deciding for sure where I want it. I also might get something connected with the baby. 

Piercings- 3 in each earlobe, plus one cartilage piercing. The third on each earlobe closed up twice, so I've actually had my lobes pierced 5 times

Marriages- 1. Just under 2.5 years. 

Divorces- 0.

Pregnancies- 1.

Surgeries- Wisdom teeth, if that counts. And apparently I had a d&c after giving birth after I hemorrhaged, in case it was being caused by retained placenta. 

Been to jail- Nope. Never even been in a jail, I don't think. 

Shot a gun- No, although I'd like to. I have no interest in hunting or self-defense, I just somehow like the idea of target shooting. 

Quit a job- One that I actually quit, others I left due to school/moving situations. I had a job the summer before my junior year in high school which I intended to continue into the school year (at JoAnn Fabrics), but with other school activities it go to be too much. My only others jobs were the summer after high school, which I left since I moved for college, and my college work study job which I naturally left when graduating.

Flown on a plane- Many times! I really love flying - I love the concept that humanity finally achieved this thing that it dreamed of for so long. Some day I want to take a flying lesson, and perhaps work towards a pilot license. 

Hit a deer-  Nope. 

Gone zip lining- Twice! Once in Mexico, while there for a yoga retreat, and once in Alaska on our honeymoon.

Skipped school- No. Well, probably skipped a class or two senior year.

Watched someone give birth- No. Including myself - I had no interest in using a mirror or having it videotaped.

Watched someone die- No. 

Been in Canada- Several times. In middle school I was on the math team which went to a competition near the border, so we always went into Vancouver on the trip as well, plus a few times with family and at least once with friends in college.

Rode in an ambulance- Once. I had a seizure at work (most likely due to a medication I was taking).

Been downhill skiing- Once, in high school. I found it very anxiety-provoking, and by the end of the day when I was starting to get the hang of it, I'd make myself fall if I felt like I got going to fast (because I anticipated falling regardless, I wanted to at least be in control of the fall).

Rode on a motorcycle- Once, I think. It was more of a scooter type thing than a "real" motorcycle? 

Rode a horse- Not that I recall, although given where I grew up it's highly probable that I did at some point at a friend's house or party or field trip or something.

Stayed in a hospital- Only when being born and when giving birth.

Donated blood- Yes, frequently about 3 - 5 years ago. Before that I was too afraid of needles, then I had some health issues that required fairly frequent blood draws and I got over it. Then I'd been slacking recently prior to getting pregnant. I'd really like to donate again, particularly now that I've received a blood transfusion and benefited from the system, but apparently I can't for 12 months after getting the transfusion. So next fall, I'll definitely prioritize it!

Rode in the back of a police car- I have a vague memory of doing so as a child after a car accident with my family.

Done charity work- As in, volunteering? Yep. I've always meant to get into some routine volunteer gig, and haven't, but I do at least a handful of one-off things each year.

Picked up a hitchhiker- Hell no.

Rode on a train- Yes, I love trains! Almost as much as flying. It seems like such an efficient transportation system. I've done Amtrak on a trip to the east coast, an overnight train in Russia, and of course the MAX locally.

Camped in a tent- No. I prefer walls and indoor plumbing, thank you very much. 

Danced in the rain- Not that I recall. Is this something that people frequently do? 

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